Stick To Skin

Lift triangular tab and apply SPOT sticker to upper arm, or other skin exposed to sun. Pull tab away and press SPOT firmly in place. It's best to place SPOT on clean, flat, dry, hair-free skin before you apply any lotion/sunscreen.

Cover the SPOT and your
skin with sunscreen

Cover SPOT with sunscreen, and wait 30 seconds for sunscreen to absorb before gently rubbing it in. Cover all exposed skin with generous amount of sunscreen.
FDA recommends 2 tablespoons of sunscreen over each part of your exposed skin. Visit our sun safety tips for more info.

Expose to Sun

Face SPOT to direct sunlight. SPOT should turn clear after one minute or more of direct sunlight. If your SPOT does not turn clear, check our FAQ for some troubleshooting steps

Watch for Purple & Reapply

Enjoy the sun and watch for SPOT to turn purple telling you when to reapply your sunscreen. To learn more about when/why SPOTMYUV turns purple, visit our FAQ


The exposure scale helps you see your spf.
Always follow directions of your sunscreen and dermatologist


The SPOTMYUV® spots are made of three layers to react just like your skin to UV rays:

1. DermaTRUETM: A patented SPF sensing layer. DermaTRUETM acts just like your skin, which enables the sticker to sense the same differences between SPFs, waterproof formulations, activities, UV levels, etc. just like your skin does.

2. UV Sensing Ink: Our non-toxic dye turns purple in UV light. This dye only senses light, which is why we say SPOTMYUV® is solar powered. When you apply sunscreen and face SPOT to sunlight, the UV Sensing Ink recognizes that you have applied enough SPF and it turns clear.

3. Swim-Proof Adhesive: Our hypoallergenic and waterproof adhesive lasts all day. Our stickers have been tested by collegiate athletes in and outside the water to make sure they last all day yet remain kid-friendly to peel off.